We are looking for the Companies under any of the following catagory. While looking at the deals, integrity and corporate governance practices of the Company will play an important role.

  1. We have multiple Investors who are looking to acquire running Pharma Companies in India, NPA, Distress also can be considered with the current cash flow/ orders etc. budget no constraint.
  2. One of the investors is looking to acquire chain of Hospitals or single Big ones including medical collages etc. in India, budget no constraint.
  3. One of our investors is willing to invest in any of the Manufacturing Units (any Sector) in India, which are doing well, if not due to the pandemic situation got disturbed but now doing well or willing to do, can be considered. Minimum Turnover of the Company should be upwards of USD 10 Millions.
  4. Defence Projects contracts / Govt. Orders, We have investors willing to invest in the Defence Sector.
  5. Venture Capital & Private Equity available as a co-investor, if you have the first / initial investment ready (from the other investors or by the promoters) we can come as a second investor.
  6. We are looking to Acquire Smart Meter Manufacturing Large Units or white label contract for huge quantity on long term basis as well.
  7. We also invite best technology for Smart Airports Contractors / IT / Non IT / Innovative ideas / new technologies for state of the art Airports in India.

Direct promoters, Consultants and individuals know such requirements can contact us for further clarifications and information.

For more information, WhatsApp to us at Mobile No. 91- 98200 – 88394 or email to intellex@intellexconsulting. com

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