Coca Cola Coca entered India in the 1980s, taking over 11 other Indian soft drink brands, the rest being taken over by Pepsi!

  • No objection! No shouting*

Amazon hasn’t left out every city!
No resistance!
No shouting!

Courier services like Blue Dart, DHL & FedEx came and brought their planes too.
Now the whole business is occupied!
No resistance..
No shouting..

Chinese and Korean mobiles dominate India.
No resistance and noise! No shouting..

Nestlé, Maggi, ITC, HUL, Pepsi etc entered the farm sector!
No resistance, no noise.

In the 4-wheeler industry, MFG, Hyundai etc. dominate the two-wheeler industry Honda.

No resistance noise! No shouting..

But we are against Adani, the Ambanis…

Patanjali (promoting Indian Ayurveda) is a threat to India..?

Why oppose Indian companies, while foreign companies have been manufacturing in many areas for a long time!

Lack of simple common sense?

The reason..

Nestle India is good because we don’t know its owner.

Proctor and gamble is good because we don’t know its owner.

Coca Cola, Pepsi are good because we don’t even know their owners.

Vodafone is good because we don’t even know its owner.

vivo, samsung, nokia are good because we don’t know their owners.


Baba Ramdev is a thief

Mukesh Ambani is a thief.

GauthamAdani is a thief
Tata, Birla are thieves

How did Tata get the contract for the new Parliament?

How did Adani get solar contract instead of China?

All owners of Indian companies are thieves..

These are the people of our own country, how can they be great men ?

Is this approach correct?

It can also be a chromosomal disorder.

It’s easy to understand these fighters..

The reason is the foreign money…

Because the Left has inculcated it in the hearts and minds of these militants..

Just understand one thing India is no longer dependent on other nations..

This is New India..

It doesn’t avoid problems, it confronts them..,,

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